Arctic Cat Clutch Cover

The Arctic Cat primary clutch cover is made out of aluminum; we have made a carbon fiber cover that replaces the primary clutch cover.  The Patrick Custom Carbon clutch cover was designed to allow for faster acceleration.  What we have also found is that the carbon fiber cover has added life to the clutch parts, weight bushings, roller bushings, and cover bushings.  We have designed this cover with a thrust bearing in the cover for the clutch spring to ride on; this will not allow any spring bindage under acceleration.  During some of our balancing we noticed that if the spring had any distortion or come out of its shape the balancing went way out of whack.  This thrust bushing lets the spring float and never bind.  We also feel the cover being a soft material absorbs some of the engine harmonics that destroys the moving parts.  We have designed this carbon fiber cover to wrap the 6 towers just as the stock cover does, so that the towers cannot expand under higher RPM.  This Patrick Custom Carbon clutch cover also included 6 titanium bolt that take the place of the stock steel bolts, again this is for weight savings and endurance because these bolts do not stretch.  The carbon fiber cover has a 1” bronze bushing for longer life as well.  You can change this cover while it is on the sled in less than 5 minutes.  You can feel the difference in the throttle response as soon as you start the sled.  It will rev faster every time you squeeze the throttle thus getting to max RPM faster.   This cover will fit any Arctic Cat clutch from 2002 and after.



Stock Arctic Cat Primary Clutch cover weights (some will vary) 636 grams with the 6 steel cover bolts.   The Patrick Custom Carbon Arctic Cat cover weights 260 grams with the 6 titanium bolts for a savings of 376 grams!!! 


This Patrick Custom Carbon cover might change your RPM.   The cover is lighter so your RPM’s maybe higher than what is needed so you may have to add weight to your clutch weights, this will help with acceleration too.  Your engagement should not change with the cover as we have calculated the spring height to be the same as the stock cover within .010 to .020.  There will be no deflection issues with the carbon fiber cover to the stock cover, as carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than aluminum and with the design of the cover it will not defect at all under max RPM.

Price: $650.00