Polaris RMK Carbon Fiber Tunnel Covers (Bottom)


Interior/underneath Carbon Fiber tunnel cover will fit between the 2 heat exchangers covering the aluminum tunnel. This will give you huge weight savings (10-40 Lbs or more depending on the conditions) as the snow and ice that builds up on the underside of the tunnel are due to the heat exchanger.  The reason for the weight savings is carbon fiber does not conduct cold, it will not freeze like the stock aluminum tunnel that allows ice and slush to build up.  All you need to do is drill out the existing steel rivets,(approx. 30) including the rear bumper. Place the Patrick Custom Carbon 9 5/8" X 66" piece in place and pop rivet.   Easy to install too!


Top Carbon Fiber Tunnel cover will lay over the top of the existing tunnel. This is more for looks than being effective as far as snow/slush build up, but it will look really cool!! Top tunnel cover anchors over the top of the stock aluminum tunnel and gets pop riveted thru the existing tail light wiring holes for easy installation.


Both carbon fiber tunnel covers are .054 thick. They come with pop rivets and aluminum washers needed to do each job. You will need to remove the fuel tank for either of these parts to be attached.

Price: $450.00