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About Us

I am TJ Patrick and I have been in the racing industry in one form or another for more than 38 years from Snowmobiles, Motocross, Go Karts, Midgets, and Indy Cars. Along the way I have seen how the racing industry evolves, regarding new products.

Being in the Indy Car scene for the last 7 years I noticed and asked a lot of questions about Carbon Fiber. I asked how it works, how it lasts, and how it helps. I would say that 90% of an Indy Car is Carbon Fiber, you ask why? Carbon fiber is stronger and lighter than aluminum. Carbon Fiber dissipates heat and does not conduct cold as much as Aluminum. The sheer strength of Carbon Fiber allows race cars to be used for many years using the same parts and Chassis/tubs. Carbon Fiber can be seen in just about every racing venue in the world.

I have seen it in Indy Cars, NASCAR, Sprint and Midget Cars, all the way to slot cars. I have not seen it in the Snowmobile Industry yet! So that’s why we decided to start Patrick Custom Carbon to bring this lighter weight, strong, resilient, and COOL looking material to snowmobiles. We have just started and plan on doing many different parts and accessories in the near future, so please keep checking back as we are designing new items all the time.