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Comet 102C

The Comet 102C carbon fiber clutch cover with titanium bolts anchor right to any Comet 102C clutch. Ship your clutch to us and we will install the carbon fiber cover with titanium bolts and balance your clutch for FREE with purchase of the carbon fiber cover with titanium bolts. This clutch cover is approx. 380 grams lighter than stock, stronger than steel and wraps the towers for longer clutch life. Performance gain is achieved with faster acceleration!

This cover is the most raced aftermarket clutch. Its design has been the same for 30 years for a reason it works well. The biggest issue of the Comet 102C clutch has been the breaking of the spider towers and causing the clutch to at times explode. We have designed this cover to also wrap the 6 spider towers to help with the spreading of them and causing them to fail or crack and explode. This design will add to the life of your Comet 102C clutch, and replace the heavy steel cover. You will see your RPM rise faster every time you use your throttle! This will help with your hole shot and overall lap times.


Stock Comet 102C steel cover weighs: Approx 480 grams to 515 grams. The 6 cover bolts weigh 82 grams. For a total of (average of 490 grams) 572 grams.

Patrick Custom Carbon Cover: weighs 145grams and the 6 titanium cover bolts 36 grams for a total of 181 total grams.

Weight savings of: 391 total grams of spun weight!!!!!

Our design of the carbon fiber covers make them as strong or stronger that the original covers. The tests we have done show the Carbon fiber covers to have an inside out deflection of .025 at 900LBS. At the max clutch spring available of a 375 LBS spring we show an inside out deflection of only .012- .015.

The Patrick Custom Carbon Clutch covers have passed an industry standard test of 100 hours of straight clutch shifting with no issues the first time!! After re-testing the deflection rate we found that the cover lost no strength. So longevity is a non-issue. The best part about this Carbon Fiber cover is it can be used on any snowmobile for many years, you could even keep the same cover for your numerous new race sleds for many years!! Just don’t sell it with one on!!