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Polaris P85

The Polaris P85 carbon fiber clutch cover with titanium bolts anchor right to any Polaris P85 clutch. Ship your clutch to us and we will install the carbon fiber clutch cover with titanium bolts and balance for FREE with purchase of the carbon fiber cover with titanium bolts. The clutch cover is approx. 290 grams lighter than stock, stronger than stock cast aluminum and wraps the towers for longer clutch life. Performance gain is achieved with faster acceleration!

I have always been intrigued by the black art of the snowmobile clutch, as it is the heart beat of a snowmobile. This Carbon Fiber cover I have been designing for over a year and have had the help of a specific carbon fiber design firm. The testing we have done show it will not change the top RPM but only accelerate to it much faster, which was my intention from the start. All new sleds and all the race sleds all have their specific clutch set up for max RPM. This cover will only need to be bolted on for better performance from your clutch. You will see your PRM rising faster than the original covers. It will reach your MAX RPM faster every time you squeeze the throttle!!! This will help you with your holes shot, and also over all lap times.

We designed this cover to also wrap the outside edges of the 6 spider tower posts, to make sure they do not flex and break.


The stock Polaris primary clutch cover weights (some will vary) 400 grams. The 6 bolts that hold the stock cover on weight approx 100 grams for a total of: 500 total grams.

The Patrick Custom Carbon Polaris cover weights (will very only 5 grams either way) 184 grams. The 6 titanium replacement bolts only weigh 36 grams for a total of: 220 total grams.

This saves 280 grams of spinning weight!!

Our design of the carbon fiber covers make them as strong or stronger that the original covers. The tests we have done show the Carbon fiber covers to have an inside out deflection of .025 at 900LBS. At the max clutch spring available of a 375 LBS spring we show an inside out deflection of only .012- .015.

The Patrick Custom Carbon Clutch covers have passed an industry standard test of 100 hours of straight clutch shifting with no issues the first time!! After re-testing the deflection rate we found that the cover lost no strength. So longevity is a non-issue. The best part about this Carbon Fiber cover is it can be used on any snowmobile for many years, you could even keep the same cover for your numerous new Polaris sleds for many years!! Just don’t sell it with one on!!